Tuesday , 20 March 2018


Choice Of China

china choice

China’s approach to “democracy” issues attained a kind of a violent form in certain instances in the former middle kingdom following a qualitative intensity in the Arab Spring that had triggered popular uprisings on an unprecedented scale in North Africa and the Middle East. This prompted the founder of modern Singapore Lee Kwan Yew to famously say that what China ... Read More »

Working Women Problems

Working women

Men and women are pillars of society; without their equal participation in all spheres of life, no society can progress. As far as the capabilities of women are concerned, they are no less than men. They are performing their role as doctors, teachers, lawyers, and many other fields of life but still society is not giving them their legitimate status ... Read More »

Fruit of Heaven “Date”


: احادیث کے مطابق دنیا میں اگر جنت کا پھل موجود ہے تووہ عجوہ کجھور ہے بہت سی احادیث کے مطابق عجوہ میں شفا بھی ہے اور جادو کا توڑبھی اس کے علاوہ زہر سے نجات ،آنکھوں کے امراض،جنون پاگل پن اور نفسیاتی امراض سے نجات ہے جبکہ عجوہ سر اور دل کے امراض کے لیے شفا ہی شفا ہے ،جنت ... Read More »