Saturday , 24 March 2018

SC will not decide PM disqualification case: Aitzaz


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party leader Aitzaz Ahsan has said that the Supreme Court will not decide the case for disqualification of the Prime Minister, adding that everyone will know what will happen on December 16.

Talking to media-men here on Monday Aitzaz expressed his regrets that Imran Khan is playing into the hands of Sheikh Rasheed.

He said that Imran’s plan A and B have failed and the people around him did not follow civil disobedience order. He said that everyone will know on December 4, whether the country will be locked on December 16 or not. He said that Imran always chose difficult target for himself, hence he said that there is no chance of Imran Zardari Alliance, but Imran’s allegations on corruption are somewhat true.

Aitzaz Ahsan further said that the large number of participants in PTI rallies will not work for Imran’s campaigns. He said that the tone of ministers has become harsh in talk shows these days. The Government should soften its tone, he added.

Source: AAJ TV

Picture Source: AAJ TV