Saturday , 24 March 2018

Mobicash provides open platform to all FinTechs

mobi cash mobilink

Islamabad, April 07, 2016: Mobicash, apart from being the largest network of mobile financial services

in the country, offers the most open platform for third party integrations. The decision to offer a

comprehensive API (Application Programmer Interface) to developers of other Financial Technology

companies (FinTechs) was made by Mobicash for easier integration with other financial platforms to

offer more and improved services to customers.

“Third party partnerships have been critical to Mobicash’s continued success, as we look towards our

goal of market leadership. By allowing fintech companies easy integration with our financial system, we

are removing barriers within the industry and directly contributing to the growth of the banked

population,” said Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Head of Mobile Financial Services – Mobilink.

Starting its operation in November 2012, Mobicash has become the fastest growing mobile financial

services across Pakistan. Over time, Mobicash has partnered with more third party startups as well as

public & private sector organizations, developers and FinTech for their business integration. The

Mobicash API is open for Peer to Peer business (P2P), B2C (Business Customers), C2B (Customer to

Business) and B2B (Business to Business) applications. This will also open the financial services space for

smaller players entering the FinTech space and take advantage of Mobicash’s platform and distribution.

Mobicash is evolving as the leader in the payments arena. In this regard a number of initiatives have

already been rolled out including Passport Payment Collection, bill collection for Bahria Town with many

more in the pipeline.