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Mobilink Re-launches Jazz as it Looks to Spearhead a Digital Revolution in Pakistan

Mobilink-Jazz Picture Release

Islamabad – 23rd April, 2016: Mobilink, Pakistan’s number one Telco, re-launched its well-known brand ‘Jazz’ at a

glamorous unveiling ceremony. With a refreshed logo and a bold new identity, Jazz is set to become Mobilink’s umbrella

brand by introducing a Jazz ecosystem which will encapsulate multiple products & services on offer by the Mobilink.

Launched with the tagline ‘Duniya ko Bataa Do’ (‘Let the world know’) as its powerful slogan, Jazz is all set to continue

Mobilink’s leadership in the telecommunications arena. By spearheading a digital revolution in the country through the

introduction of innovative services & products, Jazz’s goal is to digitally empower every citizen of Pakistan.

“This is the beginning of a bold new era for us, our consumers, the industry and the entire nation. Jazz was one of

Pakistan’s most powerful brands, loved by all, and the time is now right to reintroduce it as Mobilink looks towards the

future. Spearheading a digital revolution in the country through our innovative product & service offerings, we have

made the decision to make Jazz the face of the company’s digital journey,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CCO & Deputy CEO –

Mobilink at the unveiling ceremony.

“By clubbing all our existing and upcoming innovative product & service offerings under a brand loved by many, we are

looking to give our subscribers a sense of belonging for the new horizons we are journeying towards,” added Shahbaz

Maqsood Khan, Director Marketing – Mobilink.

Shahbaz further added, “‘Duniya ko Bataa Do’ was chosen as Jazz’s slogan in a bid to position it as a platform offering

multiple innovations to subscribers whereby they can showcase their true potential to the world. Jazz is now all set to

offer our subscribers freedom of choice, digital empowerment and the power to do more with less; ultimately reshaping


Asif Aziz, CMO – Mobilink, while talking to the media, explained the thinking behind the reintroduction of Jazz having to

do with creating a shift in perceptions, “We want to empower our subscribers to go on to conquer their dreams by

changing their own perceptions about what is possible by utilizing the plethora of digital services on offer by Jazz. With

this new bold image, Mobilink is going to redefine, for subscribers, its excellence in quality of service, and innovation so

they go on to achieve more than ever before.”

The products & services on offer by Mobilink will now come under Jazz’s umbrella with a change in name but enhanced

quality and usability. The re-launch of Jazz heralds a new era in Mobilink’s digital journey with a promise of empowering

its customers to meet the challenges of tomorrow.