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Imran trying to escape by-elections, reiterates Rasheed

Imran trying to escape by-elections, reiterates Rasheed

Following Imran Khan’s criticism of government and ECP, the information minister came to respond befittingly to the skipper. He slammed that Khan Sahib seeks institutions to make a decision of his choice. Rasheed accused Tehreek-i-Insaf of providing refuge and party tickets to tax evaders. He went on to say that Imran Khan is doing a unique kind of politics and ... Read More »

دل کے ارمان آنسوبن کر نکل گئے۔

Imran khan

’میں اکیلا رہوں گا کوئی ہو یا نہ ہو ۔ استعفی لئے بغیر نہیں جاؤں گا‘ عمران خان قوم میں امید کی کرن دیکھا کر راتوں رات سیاست میں مقبول ہونے والے تحریک انصاف کے چیرمین عمران خان نے۱۴ اگست کو پوری قوم کو ایک نئے فلسفہ سے روشناس کرایااور کم و بیش ۴ ماہ تک چلا بڑی بات یہ ... Read More »

PTI bring the looted money back from other countries.

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  ISLAMABAD: Through corruption and tax evasion, the ruling and wealthy class is engaged in the business of investing outside Pakistan their wealth, claims PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Imran Khan said, after coming into power the PTI would bring the looted money back from other countries. He regretted that on the one hand the common man is being burdened through ... Read More »

Pakistani team needs for a better strategy.


  ISLAMABAD: Former Cricket Captain and Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran on Sunday said Pakistanis should not get depressed over the loss from India in the opening match of Cricket World Cup. He said Younas Khan must show performance and termed his presence a must for future matches He said that he had seen some good talent on display but there was ... Read More »

MQM to take out rally today


    KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has announced a protest rally against Imran Khan’s statement. The rally has been planned for 2 pm on Tuesday from Aisha Manzil to Numaish. Joint Incharge MQM Rabtaa Committee Dr.Khalid Maqbool talking to party workers at the party head quarter Nine Zero said that the dreams of those who want to see the ... Read More »

Pakistan Need Imran Khan’s Attitude to Achieve World Cup

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    Karachi: Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq needs to adopt the uncompromising attitude Imran Khan employed in 1992 if the class of 2015 want to emulate that triumph at this year’s World Cup, former pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar said He further  added the Pakistan team is passing through a very difficult phase after having also lost Muhammad Hafeez. The onus is ... Read More »

Misbah Is a Better Captain Than Imran:Shoaib Akhtar

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  ISLAMABAD:  fastest bowler of the world  Shoaib Akhtar said that Misbah-ul-Haq is better batsman then Imran Khan.   Shoaib Akhtar talking to media said that Misbah should lead the team like MS Dhoni, who won’t hide behind his time.he Added , Misbah should come up the order and help the team. Read More »

Pervaiz Rasheed harsh words for PTI’s Head

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Karachi:  Information Minister Sheikh Rasheed criticize on Imran khan on his current statements(press conference). He added “Kindly concentrate on prayers not to involve in Politics” .   اسلام آباد: وفاقی وزیراطلاعات ونشریات پرویزرشید نے کہا ہے کہ عمران خان عمرہ کرکے بھی جھوٹ بولنے سے بازنہیں آئے،خان صاحب عمرے پرگئے ہیں عبادت پردھیان دیں۔اسلام آباد میں وفاقی وزیراطلاعات ونشریات پرویزرشید نے عمران ... Read More »

Imran Khan only a leader of party


“Imran Khan reminded me of Musharraf on Wednesday.” “That’s so unfair – the Khan is a democrat, though he is all in all in the party, I mean he can kick out anyone he wants and he can take on anyone he wants because he is the one who got votes in 2013 while Musharraf without the army is a ... Read More »

Imran Khan lacks political acumen: Asif Zadari

LAHORE: Co-Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Zardari on Tuesday said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan lacked political acumen and that’s why he first gave a protest call for December 16, completely overlooking the historical significance of this date. Addressing the PPP foundation day ceremony, former president Asif Zardari said the only thing that he could not do during ... Read More »